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The connecting link between cargo stakeholders and ship owners
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ColliCare Chartering
As shipbroker we are the connecting link between cargo stakeholders and ship owners

Break bulk
Project cargo
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Do you need Chartering services?

Do you need Shipbroking services? Our expertise and longstanding relationships enable us to always find the matching party for any kind of shipment.

We are the connecting link between cargo stakeholders and shipping companies. This allows us to offer our services to both charterers and owners by supporting them with their cargo flow, open positions and even commercial management.

"We specialize in Bulk, Break bulk and Project cargo."

Freight contracting and forwarding
Being your logistical partner, it lies within our services to minimize the risks off a moving market for you. By being able to offer fixed rates, based on a voyage or even on a contract, the complete risk of a volatile market is ours, ensuring your desired rates. In addition to this we are able to handle all operational matters.

Warehousing, storage and stevedoring
Our group offers multiple logistics services and has its own assets and warehouses. Our strong and close relationships with multiple partners in the field of warehousing and stevedoring enable us to offer you the full supply chain & control for your shipments, against competitive rates.
Barging, trucking and rail connections
Transporting cargo towards the port or its final destination is part of the job. Our own trucks and our close partnerships with inland barging, trucking and railway companies enable us to provide you with a door to door service. We are proud of our network, it is an important part of our strength.

Chartering blog

Chartering services for both charterers and owners
Publisert: 2019-08-07 15:09
Bulk, breakbulk or project cargo?
Publisert: 2019-08-07 15:09
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Chartering by Seafreight or total provider?

Chartering Seafreight
We are able to offer extensive Chartering services, with solution for every project in:
  • Oil & Gas industry
  • Energy sector
  • Agricultural industry
  • Industrial sector
  • Offshore industry
  • Bio energy sector

Total chartering provider
Would you like a dedicated Chartering provider to take care of all your projects?

As your dedicated Chartering partner we can provide you with:
  • Transparent workflow
  • ​One party means you don't have to deal with several persons and companies for every charter needed 

  • Insight in your supply chain to allow for more flexible, predictable and less expensive Chartering solutions 

  • Predictable communication and delivery lines

  • Competitive freight rates

  • Broker services

  • Access to our extensive global network

  • Experience, know-how in the chartering industry

  • Post fixture services

Interested in our chartering services? Get in contact with us for more info
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Chartering product groups

What about your business and challenges? Cargo comes in a lot of shapes and forms, weight and measurement, and from different kind of industries. 

We find solutions for product groups like:
  • Agricultural products 
  • Metals 
  • Ores 
  • Fuel (Coal, Pellets, Biomass) products 
  • Minerals 
  • Fertilizer products
  • Wood products 
  • General cargo

Is your product not represented in this list? Get in touch with us, we will find the best solution for you
Roelf Goos
Commercial Director Netherlands & Germany